Are you a franchise?

No. I built this business up myself back in 2011 and have worked very hard to get my business out there and recognised.

How often does my dog need grooming?

I recommend having your dog groomed at least every 6-8 weeks minimum. For dogs that don’t need their hair cut, getting it groomed that often makes sure they are always clean, aren’t dropping hair all over the house, and don’t end up with a build up of dander. For dogs that need haircuts, getting them groomed every 6-8 weeks ensures that their hair doesn’t get matted, is kept out of their eyes and their genitals and they are always looking their best.

How often does my cat need grooming?

Cats hair doesn’t tend to grow as fast as dogs, but I still recommend getting them done every 10-12 weeks. Short haired cats drop a lot of hair, and something a lot of people don’t realise is that cats need help grooming. This doesn’t necessarily mean a haircut for your cat, but a bath, dry and brush out usually keeps your cat free from dropping hair and also stops them from having issues with fur balls.

Do you sedate the animals for grooming?

Definitely not.  Only a vet should sedate an animal.

When should I get my puppy groomed?

The short answer is now. While your puppy may not need a hair cut right now, it is best to start getting your puppy use to the grooming process as soon as you get them, to avoid them getting scared or being difficult to groom by starting the process too late in their life.

How do you accept payment?

Cash or Card is accepted at the time of the groom.

Can I book ahead for future appointments?

Definitely, I highly recommend booking ahead so you have always secured your spot. For many of my regulars they are booked 12 months in advance.

Can I watch you groom my dog or cat?

This answer depends entirely on your pet. For cats, I like to work with the door shut, and for OHS reason I can not have customers in the van with me. With dogs, I work with the door open. Some dogs don’t act up and put on a show when their owner is around, so those owners are more than welcome to watch their pet being groomed from standing outside my van door, but for the dogs that become difficult when their owner is around, it makes it much easier if the owner goes inside their home where their pet cannot see or hear them, as they usually behave perfectly when their owner isn’t around.

How do I treat my dog for fleas?

With grooming so many animals, I have been able to see first hand what products work and don’t work. As many of my customers live on farms, I have had to help find a product that works for everyone. I find the products that work best are Bravecto, Comfortis, Panoramis and Nex Guard. Other expensive products I have found that people are using based on seeing particular famous vets recommending, do not work whatsoever and the animals are often riddled with fleas. Whereas those using Comfortis, Panoramis and Nex Guard are always flea free.

My dogs nails are always so long, how can I naturally shorten them?

I find that dogs that live inside for the majority of their life, or those that live in yards that are mostly grass/dirt have the longest nails. The best way to shorten the nails naturally is to walk your dog on concrete, or the road/asphalt. Over time it will wear your dogs nails down nicely. Regular nail trims also help.

Can I just get my dog or cats nails cut without having them groomed?

Definitely. For the first pet it is $20 and $10 for each additional pet.

Do you work weekends?

No. I like to keep the weekends for my family. Sorry about any inconvenience this may cause.

How much does grooming cost?

Grooming costs vary a lot, it all depends on what exactly needs doing, your pets size, coat condition, behaviour etc. For a guide, please check out the pricing tab.